Managed Services


MANTA is the central hub of all data flows in the organization. Our scanners connect to various parts of your environment, automatically gathers all metadata, and reconstructs complete lineage.

If you need 100% accurate lineage in your metadata management solution, MANTA’s robust, well-documented API is here for that.


How Can Delbridge Help


Implementation Services

End to end implementation for your solution.

Process Re-Engineering

Our team can help you improve your business process based on the best practices we can provide.


What to be the hero in your organization? Our team can train you to become experts in your solution.


Production Support

Once you are live, we are here to support you with ad-hoc support as needed. We will make sure our team is ready to help you at all times.

Managed Services

Let our team help you manage your solution as an augmentation of your staff.  We will provide production support and enhancement, just like an internal staff member.