The Human Resource Department is a critical component for any organization.  In fact, a strong correlation exists between effective HR planning and Corporate Performance Management (CPM).  Many companies depend on HR for personnel staffing and management to improve performance standards and excellence, and increase employee motivation. CPM helps measure the value of a company’s workforce as it connects people, data and programs to financial performance. Sophisticated analytics can now measure how HR systems and programs affect employee behavior which in turn, can ultimately drive financial results.

A CPM solution acts as a decision support system to help analyze and manage all HR processes. It provides access to accurate, timely, comprehensive data from HRMS applications and provides the tools to make better, more strategic decisions in personnel planning.

When it comes to controlling your biggest expense, which is typically your employees, Delbridge has assisted many clients in implementing HR specific solutions which help them plan their headcount more accurately and efficiently

Products we Implement for Workforce Planning Include:

Business Benefits of a Workforce Planning Solution:

  • Determine staffing requirements
  • Generate employee performance reports
  • Align payroll and incentives with corporate goals
  • Monitor key metrics such as turnover, demographics, cost per employee, recruiting, and training effectiveness
  • Analyze opportunities for improvement in areas such as recruitment and retention
  • Minimize the administrative burden of manual spreadsheet-based processes
  • Optimize payments and draw comparisons between salary groups on the basis of performance
  • Manage employee growth and resource utilization
  • Employee turnover analysis
  • Salary monitoring

Some Solutions We Provide Include:

  • Benefits and Bonus Calculations
  • Planning for vacant positions
  • Budgeting/Forecasting for Unions
  • Tax calculations
  • Split/Transfer employees
  • HR scorecards
  • Recruiting analysis
  • Retention analysis
  • Workforce analysis
  • Compensation analysis
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