Tableau is a Business Intelligence software to help businesses make faster and easier than ever before. Tableau helps people see and understand data. Publish dashboards and analyses with colleagues, partners or customers and share your insights with colleagues in seconds. Analyze mountains of data in seconds with the latest technology and access them from any where and any time with an Internet connection.

Key Features

  • Visual analysis in one click with a powerful analytical tool to filter data dynamically, split trends across categories and run in-depth cohort analysis
  • Dive deep into statistics with your data using new calculations to experiment with trend analyses, regressions, correlations, and more much
  • Make better sense of your available data by renaming fields and modifying number formats by split and combining fields into groups
  • Get the benefits of best practices built in from years of research on representing data, built right in your workflow
  • Take data offline or bring it in-memory to conduct ad hoc analysis of massive data in seconds combined with advances in database and computer graphics technology on your laptop or mobile device
  • Create beautiful, interactive maps to understand places with pan, zoom, filter or search to focus on your insights

Business Benefits

  • Answer questions as fast as you can think of them
  • Connect to your data and perform queries without writing a single line of code
  • Connect directly with your data to get live, up-to-date data analysis by tapping into the power of your data warehouse
  • Make insights beautiful by combining multiple views into an interactive dashboard and highlight and filter data to show relationships
  • Use on any device, any where and any time with an Internet connection
  • Skip hardware and setup time to empower your entire organization with live interactive dashboards in a web browser or mobile device
  • Keep your data secure by only allowing authorized users to interact with your data and dashboards
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