Systems Integrator/Strategic Partnership Services for Start-ups in B2B Enterprise Software space.

We are a professional services provider for software start-ups and scale-ups with specialization in offering implementation services. We understand your business challenges and are ready to invest in becoming a subject matter expert in your technology. We have the resources and experience to scale implementation teams based on your business needs.

What we do?

  • We partner with you to become subject matter experts in your technology
  • We build services teams to support your scaling needs from a professional services perspective and become your implementation partner
  • We help your organization to implement best practices in managing core services team internally
  • We introduce you to the portfolio of our enterprise customers

Why to consider a systems integrator partner?

  • Scaling professional services is a risky and costly exercise
  • You might not be able to scale services as fast as your sales and product scale
  • Customer satisfaction and churn are directly related to the quality of initial implementation
  • Investors like evidences that you can scale and build partner eco-system

Why us?

  • We’ve built Enterprise Software companies ourselves in the past, we are entrepreneurs like you, we understand your challenges and growth pain
  • We specialize in building professional services capabilities for start-ups, we know how to start small and flexible, and be able to support you in your rapid growth stage
  • We have many years of experience running services organizations of different sizes, implementing solutions for small, medium and large enterprises
  • Our partnerships models are flexible – we can help you meet your financial goals, align with your internal professional teams, support organic growth in your existing customer base
  • We are B2B Enterprise Software domain experts – from data integration to program/project management

How we do it?

  • We work with you to build the best model for partnership that addresses your priorities – subcontracting, project work, staff augmentation, etc.
  • We help in implementing best practices for your internal services organization, if so required
  • We invest in learning your technology and becoming experts in it
  • We co-plan with your services/sales/CSM team to support
  • We become extension of your organization and scale the team as required
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