Systems Integrator/Strategic Partnership Services for Start-ups in B2B Enterprise Software space.

We are a professional services provider for software start-ups and scale-ups with specialization in offering implementation services. We understand your business challenges and are ready to invest in becoming a subject matter expert in your technology. We have the resources and experience to scale implementation teams based on your business needs.

What we do?

  • We partner with you to become subject matter experts in your technology
  • We build services teams to support your scaling needs from a professional services perspective and become your implementation partner
  • We help your organization to implement best practices in managing core services team internally
  • We introduce you to the portfolio of our enterprise customers

Why to consider a systems integrator partner?

  • Scaling professional services is a risky and costly exercise
  • You might not be able to scale services as fast as your sales and product scale
  • Customer satisfaction and churn are directly related to the quality of initial implementation
  • Investors like evidences that you can scale and build partner eco-system

Why us?

  • We’ve built Enterprise Software companies ourselves in the past, we are entrepreneurs like you, we understand your challenges and growth pain
  • We specialize in building professional services capabilities for start-ups, we know how to start small and flexible, and be able to support you in your rapid growth stage
  • We have many years of experience running services organizations of different sizes, implementing solutions for small, medium and large enterprises
  • Our partnerships models are flexible – we can help you meet your financial goals, align with your internal professional teams, support organic growth in your existing customer base
  • We are B2B Enterprise Software domain experts – from data integration to program/project management

How we do it?

  • We work with you to build the best model for partnership that addresses your priorities – subcontracting, project work, staff augmentation, etc.
  • We help in implementing best practices for your internal services organization, if so required
  • We invest in learning your technology and becoming experts in it
  • We co-plan with your services/sales/CSM team to support
  • We become extension of your organization and scale the team as required

Internet of Things

The consumer market is flooded with Internet of Things (IoT) based devices from wearables watches, fitness collars for dogs to household products like thermostats, refrigerators and security systems. In a generic term, the technology enables connected devices to talk to each other to gather information, analyze it and create appropriate automated action. This helps user save time, cost and eliminate many manual steps in the process.

Emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Robotics, Edge Computing and others are amalgamating to shape Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) which is often described as the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0.  Industries like supply chain, retail, agriculture, manufacturing, health care and many others are looking at IIoT to optimize their processes with automation, mitigate production and operations risk with advanced analytics, lower costs with improved productivity and facilitate better decision-making with in-depth business intelligence data. Delbridge is collaborating with leading IoT and IIoT technology companies to bring together best-of-breed solutions offering to help clients leverage this emerging technology.

Highlighted Business Benefits of an IoT Solution:

  • Reduce business downtime to save time and costs by proactively monitoring processes, resources and machineries for any inconsistencies
  • Facilitate better decision-making by gathering intelligence from connected devices
  • Improve productivity and enhance efficiency by eliminating predictive manual processes
  • Improve client retention by enhancing customer service experience
  • Competitive edge with better insight on consumer behaviour

Select Areas of Expertise:

  • Seamless integration
  • Quick deployment
  • Objective solution recommendation
  • Expert consultancy and management

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