Qlik is a self-service data visualization and discovery software to find insights hidden from your data. Gain meaningful information from varied sources by exploring the hidden relationships within data to ignite good ideas. The platform allows for fast and scalable analysis on any device.

Key Features

  • Qlik Indexing Engine with the world’s most powerful associative data indexing enegine
  • In-memory processing to compress data down to 10% of its original size
  • Column data analysis focusing on a defined set of columns instead of processing an entire table
  • Automatic highlighting of unrelated data to aid discovery
  • Responsive design for all types of devices adapting to the device’s form factor and interaction method
  • Open and standard APIs to allow other applications to build upon
  • Enforce groups or users to specific actions and specific policy-based security rules

Business Benefits

  • Super-fast exploration of all data
  • Easily create personalized reports and dynamic dashboards by anyone
  • Rapidly create visualizations with any column of data
  • Reveal connections in your data and see opportunities from every angle
  • Create intuitive and simple visual dashboard
  • Explore multiple data sources in a single app without compromising performance
  • Collaborate and share insights with your team for faster decision making
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