Designed by business and finance professionals, Prophix delivers ease of use with minimal reliance on IT resources. Its flexible design enables Prophix solutions to interact with existing systems and to be implemented quickly.

Product Capabilities:

Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning

Prophix solutions provides decision makers with access to budget information that allows them to make informed business decisions with a comprehensive view of accurate corporate data using real business scenarios. Through user driven forecasting assumptions, Prophix simplifies the forecasting process and provides a forward-looking view into the organization by proactively measuring corporate strategic plans against actual outcomes.

Key Features:

  • Routine and scheduled re-forecasts
  • User-defined driver-based forecasting
  • Continuous rolling and what-if scenarios
  • Full financial cycle forecasting

  • Integrated Top-down, and Bottom-up budgeting
  • Protected, flexible budget scenarios
  • Track performance against actual results
  • Reporting and Analysis

Analysis and Reporting

Prophix allows users to generate meaningful reports such as financial statements, and company tailored ad hoc reports for review and analysis.  This allows users to share valuable knowledge and help provide insight to key decision makers across the organization.

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