Predictive and Advanced Analytics: Making the Most out of your Data!

Drive improved outcomes and bridge the gaps between data coming in and usable analytics with IBM SPSS Product Portfolio!

Predictive and advanced data analytics software helps organizations use data in order to make decisions that result in improved outcomes. This is done by enabling organizations to use information already being collected to understand hidden relationships, uncover trends, and predict outcomes. Analytic strategies can be automated to drive efficiency and real-time decision-making. There are four product families within the IBM SPSS data analytics portfolio:

The Portfolio:

The Data Collection Family

Enables you to create and deliver compelling surveys that gather a detailed view of customer attitude and opinions

The Statistics Family 

Provides sophisticated insight into your data through a series of SPSS statistics modules to help you analyze information efficiently

The Modeling Family

Lets you build models to uncover hidden relationships in your data to anticipate and evaluate future outcomes

The Deployment Family

Integrates analytical results into your operations to improve business processes

Business Benefits:

  • Create and deliver compelling surveys and integrate results of people’s attitudes and opinions for results-oriented decision-making through a centralized, secure framework
  • Uncover unexpected patterns and associations from all data within your organization and develop models to guide front-line interactions
  • Perform advanced analytics, data mining, text mining, social media analytics and statistical analysis including correlation and regression analysis, cluster analysis, data collection and online survey research, data modeling and predictive modeling
  • Drive results-oriented decisions by integrating analytics within your operations to improve business processes

Our Predictive and Advanced Analytic Expertise:

Delbridge has a team of highly skilled consultants who have years of experience successfully implementing performance management solutions. Our team utilizes PhD level analysts renowned for conducting predictive and advanced analytics that gets results.

IBM SPSS Product Portfolio

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