Accurate Forecasting is essential in today’s business environment, where uncertainty and fluctuating markets have created significant business challenges for several organizations. Although traditional annual and quarterly Forecasting methods rendered adequate results in the past, many new factors such as the global economic slowdown and diminishing consumer demand have created a volatile and unpredictable environment today. Traditional forecasts are unable to anticipate changes in a highly uncertain business environment. A Rolling Forecast however, is able to anticipate and is designed to rapidly respond to unexpected changes that may occur.

Rolling Forecasts requires accurate data in order to properly anticipate and react to the ever-changing business environment. The most effective way to ensure that your data is accurate is to rely on a Performance Management Solution that allows you to analyze and plan scenarios for your forecast. Delbridge works with multiple Corporate Performance Management (CPM) products that provide Forecasting and Rolling forecasting capabilities so that you can address and plan for volatile market conditions more strategically.

Products we Implement for Forecasting Include:

Business Benefits of a Forecasting Solution:

  • Achieve a stronger grasp on future cash flow
  • Allow corrections to be made in performance gaps so that organizations can plan more strategically
  • Anticipate change for improved decision-making by having updated forecast data
  • Rapidly retrieve up to date actual data to monitor your organizations performance and make updates to forecast based on trends
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