The advent of technologies that have allowed for the creation and collection of massive amounts of data has resulted in the need for new and more advanced methods to effectively manage, leverage and benefit from this data.

Companies rely on trusted, accurate and available data to enable the best possible performance of their businesses. From regulatory compliance to advanced consumer analytics, the possibilities are endless. Securing this data, governing its use and making it available to those in the business needing near real-time access is critical for businesses to compete in our dynamic economy. Our Data, Analytics and AI team provides cost effective and performant solutions to help companies unlock the value of their data while protecting their most valued asset. Allowing our clients to improve the bottom line while better serving their customers and to create a significant competitive advantage. 


We work with your team to understand your objectives and to help you align the best technical solutions to accomplish those objectives, cost effectively, timely and with low risk. Using our workshop methodology, we conduct maturity assessments, technology reviews, process reviews and skills gap analysis. We advise our clients on the best possible path forward taking into consideration all the practical and relevant elements needed to address the objectives of your company.

Our Strategy Capabilities Include:

  • Information Management and Analytics Strategy
  • Data Governance and Regulatory Compliance
  • Technical Architecture
  • Business Processes and Roles / Responsibilities

Enterprise Information Management

The right data at the right time with pristine quality, while at the same time protecting this vital asset and governing the use of it to ensure compliance and risk avoidance, is the objective. We help our clients to design and build solutions to accomplish this objective across a broad range of technologies and in highly complex environments.

Our Data Capabilities Include:

  • Data lake and data warehouse design and deployments
  • Data management modernization and data migrations
  • Cloud data management solutions
  • Master data management and reference data management
  • Data profiling, quality and monitoring
  • Data governance, metadata management, regulatory compliance
  • Data archival, retrieval and security
  • Technical architecture patterns and best practices
  • Managed services

Advanced Analytics

With advanced analytics, we help our clients unlock the real value of their data, discovering hidden insights and innovative solutions to these critical challenges. From pinpointing inefficiencies and enhancing predictive capabilities, to improving decision-making, our team can help maximize your growing stores of information.

Our Analytics Capabilities Include:

  • Analytics strategy

    • Technology recommendations
    • Business process enhancement
    • Customer analytics
    • Pricing and profitability
  • Core advanced analytics

    • Consumer analytics
    • Competitor analytics
    • Finance analytics
    • Product lifecycle analytics
    • Supply chain analytics
    • Workforce analytics
  • Managed services

    • Advanced analytics outsourcing

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

Our business intelligence and data warehousing services help companies manage data from disparate sources and convert it into strategically relevant information that can drive competitive advantage.

Our Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Services Include:

  • Information management architecture, assessments and strategy
  • Business intelligence assessments, strategy and implementation
  • Enterprise data warehouses and datamarts design and implementation
  • BI and analytics and reporting roadmap
  • Business intelligence and reporting tools rationalization
  • Report development
  • BI best practices
  • User experience design

Digital Transformation

Modernize your information management infrastructure for completive advantage.

We work with our clients to evaluate their objectives and to help them define how and where to optimize their information management environment. Ensuring that applications, integrations, and data management platforms all run as efficiently and effectively as possible, leveraging new and modern technologies to secure, govern and easy access to the data that the business needs, when it needs it.

Our Digital Transformation Services Include:

  • Hybrid cloud architecture
  • Cloud migration
  • Cloud management
  • Post-cloud refactoring and rationalization
  • IoT data capture, collection and analytics
  • Managed services
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