Most organizations are still using Microsoft Excel for their Budgeting and Planning process.  This reliance on Excel can cause issues such as data integrity, multiple versions of data, no audit trail, and data not being available when you need it.

Many of these issues can be resolved by using a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution. With readily available data, organizations can identify their budget progress and mitigate concerns more quickly. Delbridge Solutions works with multiple CPM vendors to help organizations find the right budgeting software that meets their requirements.

Select Products we Implement for Budgeting & Forecasting:

Business Benefits of a Budgeting & Planning Solution:

  • Allows organizations to set financial goals and direction
  • Provides the ability to measure plan against actual performance
  • Facilitates better decision-making by allowing timely access to data
  • Version control
  • Security to limit access to data by user/group
  • One centralized repository for your budget data
  • Detailed audit trail to view who changed data and when

Some Areas of Expertise we Provide Include:

  • P&L/Cash Flow/Balance Sheet
  • Multi-Year Budgeting
  • Variance Analysis Reporting
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Scorecarding and KPI Dashboards
  • Allocations (Top Down, Corporate expenses, joint ventures)
  • “What-if” Modeling and Scenario Analysis
  • Workflow
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