In an era of increasing fraud and financial complexity, the need for advanced tools to help monitor & audit financial transactions is also increasing.

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Mindbridge dashboard

Delbridge has partnered with MindBridge AI to deliver a revolutionary new solution for financial anomaly and fraud detection.

Mindbridge is the world’s first and only AI powered financial auditing platform. Lightning fast, risk-ranked analysis on 100% of transactions, with zero scripting, means you can provide greater assurance than ever before, all while saving valuable time and resources. With Mindbridge, cumbersome CAAT tools are a thing of the past, and with them go the associated risk of missing errors or fraud that may lurk in financial data.

Detect Errors and Anomalies

Analysis runs deep and is incredibly comprehensive. Stacked with traditional tests based on domain expertise and business rules, the analysis is also enhanced by statistical methods like regression and Benford’s Law as well as machine learning algorithms seeded with knowledge from the domain expertise of some of the world’s top CPAs.

Analyze 100% of Transactions

While other audit tools only look at accounts and entries in isolation, Mindbridge identifies unusual
transactions by also looking at the monetary flows between accounts, all credits and all debits, to provide you with an unparalleled view into the state of your data, arming you to better understand individual transactions and identify potential issues.

Powered by AI and ML

AI and machine learning are at the very heart of Mindbridge. While expert taught AI analysis interrogates the data for errors, machine learning algorithms hum alongside looking for outliers in the data. AI powered natural language search lets you query the data in mere seconds, instead of fighting to script antiquated manual tests.

Discover New Insights

Mindbridge encourages and facilitates data exploration like never before. The presentation of the analysis, bringing detailed risk ratings to life, the ability to query the data and save and share filters using our natural language processing and filter builder, feeds your ability to understand what is happening beneath the surface, and assemble new insights.

Lightning Fast Results

Big data? No problem. The speed at which Mindbridge consumes, processes and analyzes data is incredibly fast. Whether you are using our drag and drop interface to load your data, or syncing up with your favorite ERP platform, you’ll be exploring the results of your data in mere moments.

Zero Scripting

Wasting time on data ingestion and account groupings are now a relic of the past. Solutions that require IT resources, scripting and training on CAAT tools, those solutions are working against you not with you solutions are working against you, not with you. Mindbridge works by your side, taking care of the heavy lifting, providing the best possible analysis for your audits, while freeing you spend time where it matters.

Delbridge is a partner of MindBridge Ai, a venture-backed FinTech company based in Ottawa, Canada. Through the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, the MindBridge platform detects anomalous patterns of activities, unintentional errors and intentional misstatements. Using the MindBridge Ai Auditor, organizations across multiple industries can minimize financial loss, reduce corporate liability and can focus on providing higher value services to their clients.

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