Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Insights (formerly Adaptive Planning) provides powerful yet intuitive solutions in business analytics for companies and nonprofits of all sizes. Adaptive Insights has set the standard for cloud business intelligence (BI) and corporate performance management (CPM) solutions.

Adaptive Suite’s total cost of ownership (TCO) is a fraction of that for enterprise software alternatives. This is done by shortening services projects, eliminating new hardware and software purchases, reducing training costs, and limiting the need for ongoing IT support. Adaptive delivers a TCO that’s 75% less than that of on-premises solutions.

Innovative Technology

Adaptive Insights’ software as a service (SaaS) delivery model presents significant advantages over traditional on-premises corporate performance management software.

How Can Delbridge Help?


  • Functional and technical consultants to support your platform implementation

  • We leverage an enablement-focused approach to our implementation projects. Our goal is to make you self-sufficient with  your solution 


  • Review existing budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, Business Intelligence, and reporting processes and make recommendations for improvement based on industry best practices

  • Work with IT teams to plan short and long-term technical strategies based on industry trends

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