Delbridge has significant expertise when it comes to the internal and external reporting requirements of clients. With IBM Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM) or IBM Cognos FSR, Delbridge can help you with:

  • Creation of internal and external reports
  • Best practices in report design
  • Report automation using variables, business rules, objects
  • Creation of your company specific XBRL taxonomy for tagging
  • Tagging assistance
  • Validation and test filing assistance
  • Best Practices in XBRL tagging process
  • Product upgrades or migration from FSR to CDM
Migrating from Cognos FSR to Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM)

Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM) is the next generation of Cognos FSR and comes with improved performance and functional capabilities, while addressing the existing pain points of FSR.

Existing FSR Pain Points:

  • FSR is client-machine based and uses lots of processing power to build reports as everything is on client
  • Slow performance when navigating between objects or generating reports
  • Unattractive user interface
  • Limited workflow and security functionality

Key Benefits of CDM:

    • CDM is a 3 tiered architecture. Processing is server-side for dramatically improved performance
    • Support for newer versions of MS Office
    • Integration with IBM Cognos TM1
    • Improved security and workflow capabilities. Can assign different accessibility to administrators
    • New fundamental ways to build reports in CDM

Delbridge Solutions is also hosting a webinar on what is involved when migrating from Cognos FSR to CDM.

How Delbridge can Help:

Delbridge’s Executive team has led some of the largest Cognos FSR implementations and understands what it takes to migrate clients to Cognos CDM. All of our clients are referenceable. If you are interested in learning how we can help, please feel free to Contact Us for a consultation!

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