IBM Cognos Controller  provides a complete self-service web platform for financial statement reporting, financial reporting and analysis, planning and scorecarding.  IBM Cognos Controller helps you connect business users to the right financial data to drive smarter decisions for a better business outcome. Renewal of financial consolidation systems requires effective systems across four key areas:

  • Data Collection
  • Consolidation of results
  • Preparation of data for GAAP reporting
  • Financial reporting & analysis

IBM Cognos Controller follows the 3 basic principles that any modern solutions for close, consolidate and report should follow:

  • Centralized finance manage control
  • A complete suite of consolidation capabilities
  • And open platform that can leverage current data and system

Business Benefits

  • Instant access to accurate information
  • Short period of installation and adjustment
  • End-to-end control
  • Scalable for change
  • Improved compliance
  • Improving performance

With IBM Cognos Controller, and our extensive development team, Delbridge has assisted companies to overcome their consolidation challenges  including:

  • Long, tedious consolidation reporting cycles
  • Data that is difficult to source from multiple, often non-standard systems
  • Pressure to consolidate error-free financial data for accurate financial reports for analysis

We at Delbridge can help you overcome consolidation challenges and the long and tedious consolidation and reporting cycles, by implementing a great financial consolidation and reporting solution.  IBM Cognos Controller makes sourcing data from multiple systems a seamless process.

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