Delbridge has partnered with Westoak to deliver a new and revolutionary approach to Data Privacy and Compliance.

Data Privacy Management is a necessity for any business that is consumer directed. Government instituted privacy regulations and risk reducing business practices dictate that companies and institutions implement processes and technologies to mitigate the risks. Specically, those risks inherent in working with consumer owned, private information. When consumers trust that their data is protected, it is good for business.

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Corporations are challenged with implementing processes and technologies that cohesively understand and manage sensitive data privacy risk. Westoak Data Privacy Sentinel enables organizations to build customer trust and reduce their collective risk by persistently scanning, discovering, categorizing, auditing and reporting on sensitive data risk. Operationalizing data privacy policies, enabling collaboration across the data privacy lifecycle and supporting compliance with consumer data privacy laws that are emerging across the globe. Reducing and understanding corporate risk by responsibly managing and leveraging sensitive data, is good for business.

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