Cloud or On-Premise… What’s Right For You?

An important step when selecting a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution is deciding whether to use a cloud-based or an on-premise solution. They both have their benefits and perceived drawbacks but, with the increasing availability, flexibility, and scalability of cloud services, on-premise solutions are becoming a less preferred option. However, [...]

Best practices for implementing leading Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting solutions like CCH Tagetik, Adaptive Insights and Vena

Leading budgeting solutions like CCH Tagetik, Adaptive Insights and Vena help businesses optimize their budgeting practices with automation and process enhancement. Successful implementation of a budgeting solution requires strategic planning, skillful resources and meticulous execution. You should start the implementation by first understanding the existing business process and what you [...]

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Solution

With the increasing benefits of cloud servers, on-premise solutions are fast becoming obsolete and irrelevant. Cloud-Based Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions are the immediate future and exponentially gaining popularity in both SMEs and large enterprises. The major benefits are detailed below: SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) For small to medium businesses, the benefit [...]

How to Implement your Budgeting Solution Right, the First Time!

A budgeting or reporting solution implementation can go smoothly if you apply some implementation best practices. Before you start your solution implementation, revisit your business process. This is the prime time to re-engineer your process! Define your business requirements which align your corporate strategy with your end-users. After you are [...]

What to look for while selecting a CPM solution

With so many CPM solutions in the marketplace showcasing similar capabilities, choosing one can be a daunting task. There are ten key areas for consideration when evaluating what solution fits your organization. 1. Data Model The data model is the foundation of your CPM system. It stores all information in a centralized location (can be cloud-based or on premise). Ability to create more than one data model with multiple data sets. Shared dimensions Ability to attach unstructured data Calculation capabilities Data load automation capabilities […]

Are You Ready For the Cloud?

Professional services firms, small or large, are always looking to improve their operations. In recent times, Cloud computing has re-defined how firms manage their corporate solutions.  Not only is the Cloud gaining more acceptance, it is reducing IT costs and increasing productivity of firms. Cloud computing has been on the [...]